Most Iconic Locations in the Grand Theft Auto Franchise

- 12 Februari 2024, 13:52 WIB
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BERITA DIY - The Grand Theft Auto series is famous for being a crime based gaming arena where each and every iteration brings in a new region to explore. Not to mention, all these regions are open worlds of expansive nature complete with infinite things to explore. Additionally, while several GTA community members concentrate most of their time and efforts in the game in its several artillery shops or causing chaos, there is something more to all locations that one can explore. At the same time, most of the GTA fans stick to its landmarks, which we will discuss in detail below. 

GTA Landmarks Are Spots That Fans Recognize For Various Reasons

Talking about GTA landmarks, they are more or less the usual places that are famous amongst GTA fans for reasons mostly specific to them. Off-course, some of these locations fare better in comparison to other locations. Meanwhile, if you are in search of modded accounts for Sony Playstation, then GTA 5 modded accounts PS4 on offer by the online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja can do the job for you. 

GTA: Must-See Destinations in the Series 

1. Vice Beach : GTA: Vice City

When players begin as a novice in GTA: Vice City, they more often discover that the game main lead: Tommy Vercetti, is residing in a hotel that is opposite to Vice Beach. Furthermore, this sand stretch is situated in the elite area of the city, and it is one amongst those specific places that gamers get the opportunity to explore in the GTA open arena. 

Over and above that, it is on this sea beach that gamers get to learn how much the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) have been given an upgrade since the last GTA series. Furthermore, here they get an opportunity to roller-blade, sunbathe, and try a sea swim when under attack. To be straight, for several GTA gamers, this sea beach is a place that they visited at the beginning in the series, in other words, making it a landmark place, worth revisiting. Further, if you are looking to buy legit GTA 5 modded accounts PS4 for your Playstation gadget at affordable prices, then pay a visit to the webpage: CSGO Smurf Ninja. 

2. Mount Chiliad : GTA 5

When GTA developer: Rockstar Games made an official announcement that the 5th iteration of GTA will be making a comeback to San Andreas, countless fans were excited. All thanks to the fact that this location held the title of being one of the largest GTA maps in the series. Not to mention, Rockstar people did a fine job when it came to expanding the area for this iteration. On the contrary, there was one landmark in the game that was not touched at all.

To go into detail, when one is talking about the highest peak of the San Andreas region, the crown is safe with Mount Chiliad. Nevertheless, even after being one of the highest places in the region, players were able to approach it, minus the use of any aircraft. And, capitalizing on this property of its, this awesome landmark is making a comeback from GTA: San Andreas, but off-course with much more detail. GTA 5 modded accounts PS4 on offer by platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja are the best way to try a hike on Mount Chiliad at an industry competitive price. 

Mount Chiliad is full of ravines, and valleys, and countless GTA community members had fun when they threw their characters off the peak, or tried a race down the hillside. Additionally, as one can spot this peak from a considerable distance, it makes complete sense that most of the GTA community feels an attraction towards this landmark. 

3. North Point Mall : GTA: Vice City

As is understood by its name, the North Point Mall is situated at one of the most northern points on the Vice City map. Countless story missions happen in this shopping mall, but several GTA players prefer to spend their time here during the free-play parts of the game. The credit for all this goes to it being a completely rendered mall, filled with restaurants, shops, and escalators. 

So, gamers can spend a lot of their game time here engaging in violent shootouts with security, robbing mall stores, followed by recovering. Not to mention, there are few gang members who intentionally engage in a dispute with area police and security. In other words, anyone who desires a last stand during a police chase must head to North Point Mall in GTA: Vice City without compromise. Furthermore, if you are looking for modded GTA 5 accounts that can spare you any troubles, then legit GTA 5 modded accounts PS4 on offer by CSGO Smurf Ninja are the way to go. 


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